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Magnetic Mic mount with 3M tape

Magnetic Mic is a smart attachment device that increases safety by reducing distracting elements when driving vehicles. This very simple kit helps drivers stay focused on the road despite having to handle a microphone sometimes. After the end of the radio call, the microphone should be inserted into its holder, which often means that you have to take your eyes from the road. It is not uncommon to miss the holder whereby the microphone ends hanging on the floor which further increases the risk of lost focus on the road. This set from Magnetic Mic makes it easier through its powerful magnet that at a certain distance leads the microphone to the right place and holds it securely in place. It thus reduces the time when the driver has to focus his gaze on other things than the road. Picking up the microphone is also very easy when you just pull straight out.
The magnetic base replaces a conventional microphone holder that most radio microphones use today. The parts are designed from materials used in the aviation industry for best durability and made without sharp edges. It can thus be mounted in any location on the dashboard or center consoles without the risk of any problems.
Magnetic Mic is available in two versions, one in which the universal adapter is pushed over the ordinary on the back of the microphone and secured with a screw. The second version is mounted using a high-quality tape from 3M where possible and depends on the microphone type. Check your microphone to order the right product from Magnetic Mic. Also read the assembly instructions below which will also guide you to the correct product before ordering.


  • Art. Nr LSMM3M
  • Paino 83 g
  • Pituus 50 mm
  • Leveys 33 mm

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